Detail pictures of the Lamson-Aerocurve

The outer tip of the front wing.

Middle back loop of the front part.

The outer wing's tip.

Lower spine’s split cap.

The Nose ;-)

Connector and bridle-point at the lower front wing.

Connector at the left cross sail.

The lower back end.

Connector at the upper back wing.

Bridle-point at the lower front wing.


I hope you understand how I have builded my lamson. If I would build another one, I cut the cross spar of the front wing in two pieces with a 8mm bushing in the middle. So you don't have to take the complete cross spar to pack the lamson. I think this would be a little but effective modification. Also the back wing cross spar I would let end with split caps and not with id poly tube.

I wish you a very good time, building this great kite.

Bye, Florian